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Contemporary Architecture


WINNER ANNOUNCEMENTS- 1st Porcelanosa Design Competition, in collaboration with IAB

Let us congratulate the winners of the  1st Porcelanosa Design Competition.


There are 2 winners jointly in the Office Furniture Design category:
– Ar. Sabbir Wadud Sohan- S 119
– Ar. Abu Musa Iftekhar- I 067

There is one winner in the Exterior Furniture category with model:
– Ar. Md. Abdul Moquit- AM 190
One winner in the conceptual design:
– Ar. Mehnaz Ahmed Adiba- AA 347
And one honorary mention in this category with conceptual design:
– Ar. Sabbir Wadud Shohan- S 119

Finally for the Living Room Furniture design category, there is only 1 winner with model:
– Ar. Bin Sayeed Bakhti- AB 110
And 1 winner in the conceptual category:
– Ar. Sumaiya Arzoo- AA 396


Congratulations to all the winners and their team members!

The 1st Porcelanosa Design competition was conceived with the Nupami-IAB joint initiative to highlight the uses of KRION™ solid surface and familiarize more design professionals across the country. The competition was designed as a single stage national, anonymous furniture design competition. All fellow members/members/ associate members of IAB were considered eligible for participation. Architects could participate individually or in a group.

Participants could submit designs in any or all of the 4 categories, either with model or in a conceptual capacity.


Nupami Grupo was created in 2013 in Spain, with the idea of exporting to different South Asian markets high quality products made in Spain. The challenge started with the distribution of Porcelanosa Grupo products in Bangladesh, being the exclusive distributor of the well known brand for the entire country.
Nupami, as Porcelanosa Associate, soon became the leader in the sector of the high end building materials. Working with the most prestigious architects and developers, Nupami offers the opportunity to explore new materials as well as to refresh the market with the latest trends in architectural and design field.
As a young and dynamic company, our goal is to satisfy our client’s needs, and that´s why we include in our portfolio other related products as beds, sofas and furniture, with premium design, and made in Spain.
In 2016, the company decided to start its journey in Myanmar, where now, architects and developers will have access to the best materials in the market to satisfy the demand of their more exigent clients.